Cambodian Experience - August 2007

I have always been a desire of mine to travel and to capture the atmosphere and culture of places that are totally different from those of the western world. I was not brave enough to go it alone, and was recomended to use Gecko Travel who are experienced tour and guide operators in Cambodia and South East Asia. I chose them because I had the option of tour with a professional photographer who would take us to places off the beaten track.


It was a gamble, but worked out perfectly. All the arrangements were made and the tour guide/photographer stayed with us throughout the trip. The photographer was Nathan Horton who now resides in Phnom Pen and lives on a boat. He used to be a food photographer for a well known UK magazine and who was asked to do some work in Asia - and that is how it all started for Nathan. He loved it so much he made it his home.


The whole trip was perfect, and well organised and went without a hitch. Nathans experience and local knowledge ensured that I got some good images.


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